Ayurvedic Chikitsalaya & Panchakarma Kendra
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About Name Shreerukma

Shree Rukmangad Swami is a great saint in India. He worshipped “ Pandurang ” with a very great devotion. He worshipped Lord Vitthal with “ Manas puja ”. It is said that God Vitthal used to wait for his Pooja during Pooja time. Rukmangad swami was a great Ayurvedic Vaidya. He cured many patients of infertility, skin diseases & related various chronic elements. He took live samadhi at Vijapur He was a Nath Panthiya. So to express the faith towards Nath Panthiya the clinic is named after the great saint - Rukmangad swami “ Shree Rukma ”

About Logo

Towards both sides there are banana leaves which are indicative of herbal treatment. The banana tree is useful in all aspect i.e. leaves, fruits, flowers, stem and the ash of the tree. Useful in various diseases like kidney stone, renal failure, infertility, acne, skin diseases etc.

The lotus petal with silver colour is also herb useful in heart diseases, Gynaecological problems etc. It is also indicative of prosperity of health i.e. Shree Laxmi.

The abhishek over paduka shows worship i.e. to be at same place. Through worship we get peace of mind. Also it is a panchakarma procedure i.e. Shirodhara. It is useful for insomnia, high B.P, psychological disturbances, skin diseases etc. Centrally are situated the paduka of P.P.S. Shree Vishwanath Maharaj - our spiritual Guru. The concentration at paduka gives us better moral and also gives strength of mind to be standstill in victories and also in disasters. Our positiveness towards life gives us better life.

So it is a combination of Ayurvedic medicinal treatment, Panchakarma therapy and also Satvavajaya Chikitsa i.e. Holistic approach.